3 Women Who Took Charge of Their Careers and are Doing What They Love

As kids, some of us knew exactly what we wanted to be when we grew up: a lawyer, a computer programmer, even a musician. For others, it takes a little bit more time figuring it out. For three women, their dream job didn’t already exist in the world. Their solution? They created a career for themselves! In honor of International Women’s Day, HALO Sport salutes three driven and determined women who crafted the professional lives they wanted on their own terms.

PS: One of them is HALO Sport’s own co-founder, Robin Shobin!



Smart and ambitious, Robin, a graduate of Cornell University, followed her Ivy league education with a 14-year career in finance at J.P.Morgan. In 2013, Robin left the corporate world to start her path to entrepreneurship. Shortly after, she founded Charlotte’s Book, a user-friendly vetting and advice website that connects consumers with cosmetic health and wellness services through their premiere expert directory and high-quality content sharing platform.

“At Charlotte’s Book, I really try to always maintain our unique voice. Because the internet is so crowded with content, your point of view is all you have,” says Robin.

But she wasn't done there! In 2017, Robin teamed up with Anshuman Vohra, fellow entrepreneur and founder of Bulldog Gin, to start HALO Sport, the world’s healthiest organic hydration drink

“Being able to see what is on the forefront of wellness is incredibly exciting. I don’t regret my time at J.P. Morgan one bit, but the change of scenery from oil wells to the latest supplements is a welcome one.” Says Robin.

Whats Robin’s #HALOmoment?
“While I focus most of my time on strength training, I do run regularly because it helps me with stress relief and focus. That’s usually when I chug a Lemon HALO.” 

Learn more about Robin’s professional journey on Max’s Lugavere's podcast.


AMY ROSOFF DAVIS, CELEBRITY TRAINER & WELLNESS COACH                                                                       

There are many ways to describe Amy Rosoff Davis, but perhaps one of the best is ‘driven’. After 12 years in the world of competitive dance, Amy received her BFA FROM NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She also began incorporating Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates into her course. By blending many different types of techniques, Amy created a new program of intense cardio mixed with yoga and pilates aimed at forming a long, lean and strong physique. Always looking to expand her knowledge, Amy is currently working to gain certification with Nutritious Life and has created meal plans for many clients, including Selena Gomez before, during, and after her Revival tour. Her other clients include: Emma Roberts, Kristen Bell, Felicity Jones, Taylor Schilling, and Troian Bellisario.

“Being on-tour with Selena Gomez was an incredible experience. When I got back, my business started growing from a part-time job to more of a career. I realized how much happier I was working with people and making them feel good,” explains Amy.

Whats Amy's #HALOmoment? 
"I work all day with clients, brands, and my toddler. I am constantly on the go and am exercising on and off as I train. I sip HALO all day long to stay hydrated and focused. HALO quenches my thirst and helps me stay focused and satisfied all day long!" 



After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania summa cum laude, Robin attended medical school at Columbia University to train in internal medicine at Mount Sinai hospital. Before she arrived at Columbia, however, Robin knew she wanted to make an impact. She saw an opportunity to improve primary care practice and decided to build a new health care system that reflects the future that everyone needs and deserves. Parsley Health brings together Robin’s clinical passion for healthcare that is outcomes-driven, smart, and relevant in today’s world.

“I have a bigger tool kit than the average doctor,” says Robin, “I prescribe specific nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and stress management protocols, as well as professional-grade nutraceutical supplements in addition to medications. Ultimately, I want to help you be the architect of your own health. I am just a guide on your journey to being well.”

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