HALO is excited to announce international superstar and entrepreneur Armando Christian Perez AKA Pitbull and his female dance team The Most Bad Ones will be joining us in our mission to lead the Hydration Revolution and hydrate the world better.

“When we were introduced to HALO, we were excited to be part of the next hydration revolution and new generation of Vitamin Water,” said Perez. “We look forward to actively working with them in keeping the world hydrated while at home and one the road. Dale!”

In addition to selling millions of records worldwide, Perez is a prolific businessman, education advocate and motivational speaker. “As someone who has long been inspired by Armando’s music, his self-made story and his selflessness for and on behalf of the community at large, I am also very impressed with his entrepreneurial endeavors and astute eye for venture capital investments,” said Anshuman Vohra, CEO and Co-Founder of HALO.

Perez doesn’t come alone; he is joined by his six-woman dance team The Most Bad Ones. HALO’s unrivalled functionality, health benefits and delicious taste will keep the dancers hydrated all day and night.  HALO will also be donating a portion of sales to SLAM (Sports Leadership and Management) Academy, a Miami-based charter school founded by Perez.

“I am excited that Pitbull has taken a strong interest in supporting a business that aims to better the health of Americans," said HALO Co-Founder Robin Shobin. "Sugar laden drinks continue to bring a host of health problems globally and Pitbull's support in our mission is invaluable."

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