Forget Burpees: Try This Supermodel At-Home Workout

Sick of doing burpees at home? We feel you. To switch things up, we reached out to Heather Marr, one of the most sought-after personal trainers to supermodels. Lucky for us, she shared her top 3 at-home exercises, no equipment – or burpees – included. All of these exercises can be done with regular household items. 

Exercise 1: Table Inverted Row

1. Begin by laying down under a sturdy table with your feet together and legs extended.
2. Using an overhand grip, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the table's edge. This is your starting position.
3. Pull yourself up towards the table using your back while breathing out. Your chest should nearly touch the table with your core tight and your body in line.
4. Pause, then slowly lower to the starting position while breathing in.

Note: If this feels too difficult, place your feet together, with your legs bent to perform your repetitions.

Exercise 2: Archer Push-Up

1. Begin in a high plank position with your body in line, hips lifted and core engaged.
2. Place your hands on the ground farther than shoulder-width apart. Depending on your fitness level, you may want to begin by spacing the feet apart as well. This is your starting position.
3. Lower the chest close to the floor on the left side, bending the left elbow and keeping it tucked while breathing in. The right arm will be straightened.
4. Pause, then using your left side, return to the starting position while breathing out. That is one rep. You can alternate reps to complete your set.

Note: If this is too difficult, begin by mastering the push-up or even the incline push-up.

Exercise 3: Couch Sumo Deadlift

1. Begin standing facing your couch end. Your feet will be placed wide and toes turned outwards.
2. Bending at the hips, grasp the bottom of the couch end, with arms between the legs. This is your starting position.
3. Keeping your chest high, push through your heels, extending the hips while breathing out.
4. Slowly lower the couch back to the starting position while breathing in.

Note: If this is too difficult, reduce the load. You can use a smaller/lighter piece of furniture such as a love seat, or even a duffle bag filled with heavy household items.

Heather Marr is a personal trainer from Canada who specializes in training models. She is the co-creator of The Model Trainer Method and co-founder of

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