My Arena Interview with Asha Singh

Professional dancer Asha Singh knows that in order to to stay on top, you have to remain dedicated to your craft. The former Brooklynette takes the HALO Sport #MyArena interview and shares what helps keep her motivated and fit.

#MyArena is a place where you work your hardest - where your head clears and there is no limit. Where’s your arena?
The dance studio has always been #MyArena. It’s the one place where I can literally let go of everything that's happening in life and just focus on improving my technique. 

What’s your motivation?
My family is my motivation. My parents and all my siblings are super successful in their fields, and I strive to be just as great.

If you can take only one guilty pleasure with you on a desert island, what would it be?
Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Slow burn or fast sprints?
Fast sprints.

We all need it: Who do you follow for a daily dose of #Fitspo?
Massy Arias! She is the ultimate inspiration for health, wellness, and overall fitness. I’ve following her for a while, and everything she posts is super motivational!

Where do your most productive workouts happen?
At my apartment's gym.  There's usually no one there, so I get a lot of privacy, which helps me concentrate and stay focused.

Hunter or gatherer?

You’re suddenly gifted with 13 extra hours in every day. What do you do?
First of all, I wish this was real! But I would definitely use that time to focus on all of my entrepreneurial ideas.

Are your workouts best when you’re on a team, in a class, or by yourself?
Definitely by myself. Working out is my ME time. I find that when I’m in a group setting, I can’t truly focus on my goals for that day. 

What’s your style: morning, midday, or evening workout session?

Workout playlist: what’s your one-song recommendation?
Right now, it’s Mob Ties by Drake.

What sport do you really admire, but you aren’t that great at (yet)?
Soccer, because it takes so much skill just to get the ball close to the goal. When a team scores a goal, it’s so gratifying because you can feel all the hard work it took to get to that point.

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