#MYARENA – ‘THE RECHARGE’ Interview with Amy Rosoff Davis

#MyArena is a place where you work your hardest, where your head clears, where there is no limit. Where’s yours?

The yoga studio. I focus on my body and my breath and let go of the rest. I love hot yoga because it really forces me to focus! 

What’s your motivation?

My family 

You can only take one guilty pleasure with you to a desert island. What is it?

Music! So a speaker and an iPhone? Or Spotify?? However I can get music, haha!

Slow burn or fast sprints?

Both! I mix it up!

We all need it: Who do you follow for a daily dose of #fitspo?

Hannah Bronfman and HBfit, shutthekaleup, gofitjo, Robyn Youkilis, Tracy Anderson

Where do your most productive workouts happen?

With another trainer or at a class or studio or even with a client!  I like working out with others 

Hunter or gatherer?

Gatherer... though I will hunt if need be!

How did you level up this year?

#momlife .. it’s boot camp in the best way!

You’re suddenly gifted with 13 extra hours in every day. What do you do?

Oh man.... everything! Hah....read, watch movies, write, partake in anything enjoyable and relaxing!


Are your workouts best when you’re on a team, in a class, or by yourself?


What’s your style: morning, midday, or evening workout session?


Workout playlist: what’s your one-song recommendation?

I Came Here for Love by Sigala 

What sport do you really admire, but you aren’t that great at (yet)?

Tennis. I play with my husband on vacation or weekends and he is amazing, I stink at it but wanna be good!

Amy Rosoff Davis
is a fitness, health and lifestyle guru dedicated to helping people become their best self. Follow her @AmyRosoffDavis

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