What To Buy at the Grocery Store Right Now According to a Nutritionist

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming in regular times, let alone during a pandemic. That's why we reached out to Keri Glassman, celebrity nutritionist and HALO advisory board member for a list of foods that are good purchases right now – non-perishables, frozen items, healthy snacks, versatile veggies and shelf-stable beverages like HALO – that will help extend your time between grocery store trips. Not only are these items long-lasting, but they're also healthy, nourishing and versatile.

Shelf-Stable Foods

According to Keri, shelf-stable items like canned tuna, nut butters and beans are important to grab if you haven't already because they'll last you a good while between grocery store trips and can be used in many different recipes.

Frozen Fruit & Veggies

Keep a stock of frozen berries or peel, slice and freeze your bananas to throw into smoothies, oatmeal or yogurt. And don't forget the frozen veggies! Since they're typically flash frozen, frozen vegetables are just as vitamin rich as fresh produce, if not more.

Healthy Snacks

You probably find yourself snacking more frequently at home, so it's important to make sure you keep healthy options on hand. Think no-sugar-added dried fruit, healthy protein bars (or if you're feeling ambitious, make them at home), crackers and other filling, high protein snacks like yogurt topped with a small handful of nuts and frozen berries.

Also, keep in mind sometimes when you want a snack, you’re actually just thirsty, so make sure you have plenty of HALO cooling in the fridge at all times. Proven to hydrate more efficiently than water, HALO is the ideal choice to keep you hydrated when working from home, exercising and especially important to have on hand in the case of illness.

Text 833-277-4448 and mention code KERI to get a free case of HALO with purchase. And for a full grocery list with Keri's recommendations, sign up to receive a FREE printable below.

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