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World's First Hydrating Latte™

Exclusive for the HALO helpers!

Packed with the World's First Hydrating Latte™, Our Insulating Bottle and A limited edition tumbler!

This low cal, low carb, creamy experience is infused with HALO’s exclusive formula of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins.

Indulge in a guilt free latte with style...

Guilt-Free latte: While other lattes are loaded with sugar, calories and other unhealthy ingredients. HALO's Latte is equally mouth-watering, but with only 20 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serve. Feel hydrated & energised.


Each stick contains 60mg of coffee. Single-sourced Arabica coffee is the fuel behind the energy that you expect from a great latte. Organic, kosher, and power packed with the unmistakable flavour of real coffee. Accept no substitutes.

HALO contains 435mg of Electrolytes. Electrolytes helps you hydrate faster. During physical activity, you need additional fluids to replace the water lost in sweat and boost recovery.

Vitamins B & C help to keep your nervous system healthy, support your immune system and help your body convert food into energy, producing red cells.

HALO's proprietary blend contains 100mg of natural magnesium per stick and helps in energy creation, muscle movement and nervous system regulation.

Sweetness that was once swinging from a tree. Organic coconut delivers indulgent flavor without the need for refined sugars with big calories and carbs.



Non Dairy


72 Minerals

Vitamins & Antioxidants


the world's

first hydrating latte™.

Pour it.

shake it.

drink it.




Informed-Sport Certification is a symbol of quality and peace of mind for professional athletes everywhere.

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Guilt free latte

Only 20 calories and 1g of sugar. Enjoy the great taste and long lasting hydration.


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